Study Information

Sample procedure

Between May and September 2015, The Christian Life Survey was distributed amongst 4176 Christians via their local ministries. The majority of the participants were recruited using email and the website with an online questionnaire. A small part of the sample (500 people), were approached with paper-based questionnaires. The questionnaire was accompanied by a cover letter signed by the Managing Director of TMH Media, explaining the purpose of the survey.

Incentive and Motivation

The participants were incentivised using a combination of three approaches. Firstly, the cover letter asked participants to share their ‘Christian Opinion’, as well as help put ‘Christian Values’ on the map in order to ‘get their Christian voices heard’. As such, the call for participation was focused on resonating with people’s Christian and social identity.

Secondly, we gave the participants the option of selecting a Christian Charity (out of 3 previously chosen charities) that TMH Media would make a £1 donation to on their behalf. In addition, we asked participants to nominate a Christian charity of their choice to which we would consider making donations in the future. This question was asked to keep things neutral, as well as to gain insight into the type of charities the participants would suggest (one important aspect of our study was to understand Christian giving).

Thirdly, we gave the participants an opportunity to win an iPad mini upon signing up to our Christian Opinion Panel (and agreeing to participate in future research). As such, we can exclude the prize to be a strong motivator given that more than half of the participants (55%) already had tablet computers in their possession (see section assessing ‘Computer Use and Communications’).


The survey questionnaire was titled ‘Christian Life and Media Survey’ and consisted of 114 questions. A total of 111 questions covered a variety of issues across different themes associated with Christian Life and Media Engagement (see results). In addition, the survey included three introductory/warm up questions (selecting a charity for donation, nominating a charity for future donations, joining the panel), as well as two questions to assess user-friendliness/understandability. We also allowed space for any additional comments in relation to the survey.

Questions or Concerns

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