Research Services

Can we help you?

Our research panel is live and ongoing. If we can help you with any research, whether it’s within the Christian environment or research into other areas, please contact us.

Our team are able to assist you in carrying out and delivering your research project.

Delivering your research will include:

  • Assisting you to clearly identify your topic

  • Timeline

  • Search questions

  • Scope

  • Strategy

  • Evaluation

  • Results

Our Research Team:

Dr Thorsten Roser
Project Leader
Dr Roser is a strategist, qualified researcher and business consultant. Thorsten initially graduated from the University of Heidelberg and later lectured on Media Science and Consulting at the Technical University in Berlin, as well as Research Techniques and Social and Organizational Psychology at the LSE where he is also an associate at the London Multimedia Lab. During his time at the LSE, Thorsten co-authored various research publications including two internationally recognised white papers focusing on how Co-creation can enable New Pathways to Value, as well as the Dynamics of Partnerships amongst UK charities.

Emma Tinsley
Marketing & promoting of Research
Emma has been in the advertising and media industry for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in TV, Press, Outdoor, and Radio. In 2004 she was appointed to the role of Managing Director at TMH Media. During this time she has worked closely with the Christian sector providing marketing solutions to a vast array of Christian and Charity establishments. Emma’s client focused approach provides strength to clients who wish to engage in action and develop new audiences, especially by using DR methods in TV and Digital.

Rebecca Tozer
Rebecca works on the varied Graphic Design and Marketing projects for the Christian Opinion Panel. This includes logo designs, creating all of the graphics for the COP report and designing the COP stylebook.

Daniel Effendi
Digital Delivery
As head of digital, Daniel’s job is to manage the digital delivery of research projects. This includes web design and creation, social media management and managing e-newsletters.

Dr Adam Tozer
Proof Reading & Written Anyalsis
Dr. Tozer is a research scientist, having graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Leicester, UK. Throughout his career, Adam has edited, authored and overseen the publication of many manuscripts and research papers.

Please speak to us about any research you would like carried out.