Media Consumption



Media Consumption
The Media Consumption Package includes an introduction to The Christian Panel survey, details about how the survey was collated, information about the people who took part, and data about work life.

The introduction offers a clear definition of why and how this survey was compiled, along with a detailed analysis of the importance and benefits of the information that has been received from our panel.

Following on from this, ‘Our Christian Sample’ presents an in-depth study of the people who responded to the survey and who have committed to being part of the on-going study.

Our Christian Sample documents 16 areas of information including demographics, region, ethnicity, social economic status, and dwelling circumstances.

This package also presents data relating to our panel’s working status including employment situation, position, income, and cost of living.

It also includes the media consumption section – 25 areas of immensely valuable information detailing how Christian’s consume media – TV viewing, radio listening, cinema-going and newspaper preferences. This section also looks into how and why Christian’s access the internet, what their social media activity is, as well as mobile phone usage. There is also a detailed section specifically focused on Christian media.

*This is a downloadable report, to request a hard copy, please contact us directly.